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The Three Most Important Home Improvements That Increase A Home's Real Estate Value

Any home improvement will inevitably raise the home value of a home, but there are certain renovations that will add more value than others on today’s real estate market. The mistake that most home owner make is to think that any home improvement will drastically raise the price of the home, but in reality, there are only a substantial few improvements that are needed to raise the home value drastically, while others, although costly, may raise the home's value, but not significantly.


Search Realty advises on the three main home improvements that can drastically increase a home’s real estate value.


The first revolves around space. One of the most important aspects of a home is its square footage and layout. Sometimes, especially with older homes, there can be a certain design flaw that can devalue the home. For example, a home that has a dining room attached to the living room without any type of partition or wall separating the two rooms may look awkward. In some cases, adding a small partition or even a new wall can make the home look bigger since it will seem like you have added a brand-new room to the house.


The next home improvement that can increase a home’s value is as simple as a fresh coat of paint. Painting the house when it really needs it is one of the best investments a home owner can make when planning on selling their home in the near future. There is nothing worse than dirty or damaged walls to turn off a home buyer and devalue the home. Fortunately, painting the house is one of the least expensive renovations, and it can turn a home into something that looks and feels great. A new coat of paint will also make the home smell fresh, clean, and almost like new, which will most certainly appease potential home buyers.


One thing to always remember when it comes to painting a home is to never forget to take a good look at the state of the home’s ceiling. Potential home buyers are almost guaranteed to look up at the ceiling, of various rooms, to look for signs of water leaks. That’s why when painting the home, it is crucial that the ceiling gets a fresh new paint job as well.


The last home improvement is in regards to the bathroom and kitchen. The key here is for the home owner to make a noticeable change in the room or correct potential problems, as the kitchen and the bathroom can be considered the lifeline of the household, and if there is any disrepair in any of those rooms, any potential home buyers will quickly be turned away from a potential purchase.


With these three home improvements in mind, home owners have the knowledge necessary to make the changes that will increase a home’s value on today’s real estate market, and if the time comes for a sale, these home improvements will definitely not only make a sale more likeable, but also more profitable.


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