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Search Realty is a Trusted Google Partner But What Does This Mean?

Yes, we get this question a lot but before we get into this question, let's make it clear that Google is an advertising company and makes it's revenue from advertisers. From the surface, people know Google as your go-to website where you search for anything and everything. Not everyone knows this but they are actually an advertising firm.

Now, let's first let's see what makes a company become a trusted Google Partner. First, there is a minimum ad spend that you must oblige to. Secondly, your account must be using Google's best practices (Yes, they go in and check if your settings up to par). Lastly, there must be a representative, in our case, it's Sterling Wong our Broker of Record and Founder, who passes Google's advertising exams on an annual basis to keep up with Google's latest updates and products. 

Before we move on, it's important to mention that Search Realty Corp., Brokerage is the only real estate brokerage in the world who is a trusted Google Partner. You can search yourself here and view our Search Realty Google Partner profile here.

Being a trusted Google Partner allows Search Realty to have first access to advertising products that have been tried and tested with Google. For example, now we can advertise our home sellers properties on computers within a targeted postal code. This wasn't possible before -- before you could target a city in general like Toronto and now we can target a community (ex. Mimico) or even a postal code (ex. M8V) This opens up a lot of doors for our home sellers and agents. 


Home Sellers

When we combine all the Google products together, home sellers can get tremendous exposure on their listing. Sellers can get up to 7 times more exposure than when selecting our VIP listing package. Being a trusted Google Partner and implementing their tried-and-tested advertising products means selling faster and at top dollar. We implement advertising strategies that are being used by fortune 500 companies vs. agents who only use often miss out and so do their clients. View our home seller pricing details and packages we offer. 


Real Estate Agents

For our agents, having access to all of Google's products is basically like having an ad agency working for them, in-house without paying the ad agency prices. Implementing Google's advertising products really change the field of how we advertise today. For example, a Search Realty agent can farm a particular postal code and have their ads show up on everyone's computer instead of door knocking or cold calling a particular postal route. Search Realty currently offers four different products for their real estate agents; BullPen, Pay-Per-Lead, Driven (1 Year plans) and the Farmer. All products tailor to buyers, sellers and any size volume of business an agent may require. 

A Search Realty agent can also take advantage of the Search Network by keyword tuning ads to show up only when they want to. For example, if a buyer types in "Toronto Lofts For Sale in King West". We know the odds of this person typing this in Google is 97% chance they're looking to buy a loft in King West, then the Search Realty agent's ad will show up, connecting real home buyers with sellers and our agents. Like magic! This is why Google is the advertising giant of the century. If there was a print shop that mastered the art of printing then there would be a company as large as Google, but there isn't. This is why Google is where Google is because Google's advertising works!

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